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To Contact Jordanna: click Email or call 705 778-7568

About Jordanna

"My years of experience in many different mediums all pale to this: the ability to transform the earth's metals and gems into new inspirational forms. I continue to be enchanted." ~ Jordanna

Jordanna was born in Toronto, Canada where she grew up with two sisters and various pets. Her father endowed her with a European flavour; her mother, with artistic flair.

Jordanna graduated from a four-year vocational art program and later earned a college diploma as a child and youth counsellor. Professionally Jordanna has worked as CYW, artist, typographer, picture framer, and more. She has combined her skills as CYW and as artist to offer art instruction for children.

After marrying and having a daughter, life brought her four and a half enlightening years in North Bay, Ontario, during which time Wands & Whimsy was conceived. Now residing in eastern Ontario, Jordanna feels her art has been vital to her spiritual journey. Reiki and other healing modalities have become part of her creative process. Wands and Whimsy creations have found their way to faraway places like California, Australia, France, Peru, and England.

Custom Wands

The most powerful and sacred of the wands are those created for you with ritual, prayer, and meditation. During this time my guides commune with your guides. With this guidance, and combined with your energy and intent, it becomes clear to me what crystals to use.

These are the wands my whole life's journey has prepared me to create for you.

Your own crystals may be incorporated.

All of Jordanna-s creations are made with the masculine and feminine energies of copper and lead-free silver-bearing pewter.

Where to find us

For Wands and Whimsy's show schedule, please refer to:
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Come meet us at a show and see more: Wands and Whimsy's House Pendulums, Gemstone Wrist Garlands, an assortment of healing gemstones....

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